The Scarlett Affair

            David had one thing on his mind as he strode purposefully down the muddy street: revenge. Carriages rolled past him, but he paid them no attention. He just needed to escape. Get as far away from that house as possible. Far away from her. How dare she let that slave in his bed? He’d show her. David was on his way to the place she hated most.

            Dim light ensconced the lavish interior, cloaking the women in seductive shadow. Ornate dresses, lace bodices, and fishnet leggings decorated their ivory skin. For a price, men could leave their cold beds at home to indulge in these women’s promises of passion and lust.

            He’d been inside for but a moment before long, slender fingers tipped with blood-red nails danced before his eyes, beckoning his attention. David’s gaze followed the pale skin along porcelain arms and bare shoulders. He allowed it to linger on her breasts before traveling to her neck, adorned with a thick leather choker. Crimson lips parted in a devilish smile aroused a flicker of angst. David didn’t know if it was friendly or fearsome.

            Finally, his eyes met hers. Bright, dazzling, golden orbs that seemed to float right off her face in the relaxed lighting. David drooled. He sure got lucky this time.

            “Good evening, sir. Escort me to my chambers?” Her melodic voice filled his head, resounding several times before sinking in.

            David cleared his head with a quick shake. He held out his arm for her. Upon feeling her for the first time, David’s heart seemed to tighten as much as the fabric of his jeans. Her touch was like venom that spread through his body, sending his mind in to a toxic fog.

            They ascended the stairs. The woman led him inside a room that matched her ruby ensemble. She traced her fingers along his cheeks and to his neck, licking her lips tauntingly.

            “What’s your name?” David asked, grabbing onto her hips. In contrast to the woman, his voice was low and husky. Hunger oozed from his words.

            “Scarlett.” The song like word echoed before making sense. She pressed her body against his and unhooked his suspenders. Within seconds, David assumed control, pushing her backwards and heaving her onto the bed. His nails grazed her flesh. His teeth left purple splotches on her neck, collar-bone and breasts. He held her down and unleashed the harbored anger for his wife while pleasuring only himself. There was no obligation to satisfy this woman as there was to his needy wife.

            Scarlett let the abuse go on until he had spent himself – several times. As David lay sprawled out on the bed, Scarlett draped herself over his sweaty limbs, taking a moment to examine his furrowed brow and hard expression.

            Her perfect, pale body now lay curled in silent sleep as David slid off the bed. He pulled on his clothing and quietly headed for the door, his hand clutching the empty wallet in his pocket. His free hand had barely touched the doorknob, when the magical voice stunned him again.

            “Excuse me.”

             A burst of heat raged through his veins and threatened to burn his cheeks. David turned to see the naked woman standing, arms crossed and eyes aglow with fury.

            “You seem to be forgetting something.” She tapped her fingers on her bare arm as she held him in her gaze.

            David didn’t forget. In fact, he remembered exactly how to get to the front door and into the back alley. She wouldn’t catch him. She was on the other side of the room. Not to mention, she was undressed and wouldn’t chase him outside. Before the doorknob had even turned, David’s his feet were off the ground, he spun in midair, and his back slammed against the door.

            Scarlett’s gaze pierced into his widened eyes, and she smirked at lack of color he now had in his face. She closed her eyes and seemed to inhale the scent of his terror.

            “How the hell did you –”

            Her claw-like nails dug into his neck.

            The flesh made a grotesque pop, and David wailed. To David’s misfortune, that was a common sound in this building. Who would think to come to his rescue? A stream of blood spurted from the wound, splattering the door and adjacent wall. Scarlett let him fall to his knees. He stumbled away from her, clutching his neck. His thick blood flowed profusely through his fingertips despite his attempt to staunch it. David trembled, staring in awe at the madwoman.

            Her hand bloodied, Scarlett lifted her little finger to a crazed smile. She licked the blood from finger and let out a shriek. Eyes closed, she bit her lip and moaned to the ceiling.

            “Oh, it feels so good!” She ran her hands over her pallid skin, smearing the blood across her full breasts and hips.

            “Crazy whore!” David fell onto his rear. With both hands, he tried to stop the blood spilling from his wound. His vision blurred a little, but he still tried to crawl back to the door.

            The naked woman circled him like a beast moving in for the kill. A low, malevolent laugh rumbled from her chest.

            The room spun, and David was too dizzy to see. He felt her hot, sticky hand around his throat, forcing his own hands from the laceration. Scarlett lifted his body off the ground so high that oxygen could no longer reach his lungs. David felt her warm breath on wounds before twin points sunk into the flesh of his neck. A second pair quickly followed. David tried to call for help, but he couldn’t make a sound. He could now feel the blood draining from him. Was she sucking it out of him? What fictional absurdity was this? He wanted to fight her off, defend his blood and sanity, but there was not enough strength left in him. He couldn’t fend off this monster alone.

            The last vestiges of his strength vanished, and he dropped to the floor in a heap. It took a few seconds of desperate gasping for breath, but David finally filled his lungs with air. He forced his eyes open, but that was the extent of his range of movement. David saw a man furtively enter the room and close the door behind him.

            “Help.” David’s word was a quiet rasp, and it went unnoticed.

            “Damn it, Scarlett! You always make a mess!” The man threw his arms in the air and examined the room, his attention only briefly occupied by David. “Why do you always make a mess?”

            “He tried to run.” Scarlett batted her eyelashes and wrapped her arms around the man.

            The man appraised her, a stimulated leer on his face. “Sweetheart, how are we supposed to keep this place running if people continue to go missing? We need their money, not their blood.”

            His eyes, however, were at odds with his words. They flashed downward to David, glowing with the same madness as Scarlett’s. All hope in David’s heart evaporated as he realized this sinister man would be of no help.

            “I saved you some, darling,” Scarlett whispered in his ear. “He’s quite tasty.”

            The man laughed and planted a kiss on Scarlett’s red mouth. He licked his lips and moaned in approval. “You’re right, love.” He caressed her cheek with his finger. “I suppose it won’t hurt now, anyway.”

            The couple shared an exchange of laughs. David watched them advance, but he couldn’t even try to move. His body was already dead. Maybe it was best this way. What was left to fight for anyway? David wasn’t a loved man. His wife wouldn’t miss him. No one would.

            Everything in the room smeared together. Thankfully, he almost couldn’t feel the eight fangs tearing into his flesh. The world around him turned black. He closed his eyes and let the monsters feed on the last drops of his lifeblood.


One Response to “The Scarlett Affair”

  1. Wow! That gripped me! The imagery, the visually effective way you’ve provided a well written scene and the people in it kept me wanting more. This could be the start of a really good longer story. You have an amazing talent and a great way with words. Your writing is like a hidden treasure. You seriously should be published! You have the talent to entrance a reader with your words and should really get a novel done! I’m very impressed! 🙂

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