It’s almost mail time. I stare out the window as I dry the plates anxiously. His letter comes today. My heart is racing, for in my last letter, I told him I loved him for the first time. I hear a car stop outside my house and crane my neck to see over the bushes. Two men get out of the vehicle. When I see one walking up my driveway in a uniform like one Teddy owns, my heart skips one of the rapid beats.

                The man knocks. As I grip the knob, my veins turn to ice. I pause for a deep breath before I open it. The man on the other side is looking down, breathing like I had. When he meets my gaze, I can tell both of our hearts ache. He stands up straight and looks at me with a stern face that I know is forced.

                “Miss Rossford?” he asks.

                My hands begin to shake, and I feel a cold chill creeping across my skin. “Yes,” I whisper, not wanting to hear the next words. I know what he will say.

                “My name is Major Ryan Sanders with the US Army. I regret to inform you-”

                “He’s dead. Teddy’s dead.” Tears stream down my cheeks, and my body trembles.

                “My condolences. Private Theodore-” The rest of what he says is inaudible under my hysterics. He says something about a roadside bomb and Teddy’s DD 93 naming me his beneficiary, for he has no family. As I collapse, the Major reaches out to catch me. The last thing I feel before I black out is my heart splitting in two, as I realize Teddy died not knowing how I felt. Because I took too long to tell him.


2 Responses to “News”

  1. Thats really sad! :[
    But I could totally see that he was going to be dead coming from like the beginning. Though it doesn’t make it any less depressing. Whats with you and the sadness and death Ms. Krowe?! 😛

    • Wow, that is almost like the ending in my story Unfortunate Blessings, only I didn’t detail the whole delivery of the news. It was more of a suprise ending for the pregnant wife, who hadn’t told him about their unborn child yet. It’s interesting. You usually write with more description, and I couldn’t connect to this story like I have with your others. I think it needs a more personal touch. But, don’t let my comments discourage you, most of your stories are amazing!

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