Movie Reviews: Predators, The Wolfman, Resident Evil: Afterlife

This time around, we’ve less controversial movies to discuss. Predators, The Wolfman, and Resident Evil: Afterlife. I forgot the order in which I saw them, so there’s no particular order… Well, almost no particular order. 😉  

PREDATORS (2010)  

Watch the Trailer (In New Window)  

Where to begin…  

How about with THIS!  

Adrien Brody as "Royce"


Oh, yeah. Good place to start. Adrien Brody. The first time I laid eyes on him, he wrote plays in the film “King Kong.” (Although he’s most famous for ‘the Pianist.’) After watching him scour the jungle and hunt those hunting him in ‘Predators’, I had to find out more. Turns out, Brody dedicated himself 110% to his role as Royce. He spent time sleeping in the jungle, working out every day with heavy weights and high reps, giving up sugar, and (prepare yourselves, ladies!) he gave up sex.  

Dedication. And it was worth it, too. I clung to the edge of my seat throughout the entirety of the film. It thrived with action and had an excellent core idea. The acting of nearly every person in this movie left me satisfied and like I’d just witnessed actually people battle on a strange planet. 5 stars for acting.  

Like always, though, this movie had a downside. There was a lack of backstory. I noted many opportunities within the film to expand on the pasts of the characters. We got small tastes of who was who and why, but I wasn’t completely satisfied.  

In addition, I’m not a fan of cliffhanger endings. There better be a sequel, or Robert Rodriquez will be receiving a strongly worded letter from yours truly. All in all, the movie rocked! I recommend it highly to anyone who likes to sit on the edge  and squeeze the stuffing from the arms of his seat.  

THE WOLFMAN (2010)  

** Mild Spoiler Warning **  

Let me share with you a common goal of anticipated movies.  

To Disappoint  

  • to fail to satisfy the hopes or expectations of; leave unsatisfied
  • to undo or frustrate (a plan, intention, etc.); balk; thwart
  • (from  

    I can honestly say I waited anxiously for the release of this movie. The trailer captured my attention, plus I have a diehard passion for werewolves… and gore. So, naturally, I couldn’t wait. I saw it in theaters.  


    • Midnight show of ‘The Wolfman’. 
    •  “I *heart* Werewolves” T-Shirt (no correlation to ‘Twilight’ at ALL). 
    • Lots of popcorn… and chocolate, of course. 
    • Best friend. 

    Mix and let bake for 1 hour and 42 minutes. You should expect a brilliant movie that brings the classic werewolf to life and a perfect evening.  

    Unfortunately, such a foolproof recipe doesn’t exist.  

    In defense of ‘The Wolfman’, the movie had immense potential. The plot was solid. The picture was excellent. Set was impeccable. Emily Blunt rocked it.  

    Sadly, there were too many negative components to earn my approval. First off, Benicio Del Toro. From frame one, my initial focus was on how ugly the guy is. Now, I know some women who find him sexy. Well, I’m not one of them, and I’m writing this review. 😉 If Joe Johnston’s casting director had chosen a universally attractive male for the main role, the movie may have been salvaged.  

    I’d have been too lost in his looks to notice how AWFUL the effects were. I mean, really? ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ had a better werewolf, and it’s 6 years old. Should have just added some hair to that guy. Take a look:  

    The 2010 Wolfman


    Okay, does anyone know what they used for fur? My guess would be steel wool. Next, correct me if I’m wrong, a wolf’s snout is longer than a human nose. Why on earth would the wolfman’s nose shrink?  

    The 1941 Wolfman


    And this guy looks like man-bear-pig! (← Watch Funny Video in New Window)  

    Check out that evolution, too. It’s only been 69 years. We can’t expect too much from visual effects. If you really want some good effects, I’d suggest James Cameron’s ‘Avatar.’    

    Lastly, we have the battle scene between Del Toro and Hopkins. What is this? 1997? Let’s try ‘believeablilty’ next time, Johnston. Please. For the sake of my sanity.  

    Personally, I adore Sir Anthony, but this is probably the only movie he’s done that disappointed me.  

    I’m thoroughly anguished by this movie. Such high hopes had been held by my friend and I. But, there’s the saying ‘The higher your hopes, the harder they fall.’ So, you may like this movie more than I did. It all depends on where your expectations lie. Good luck.  


    I had the great pleasure to lose my “Real-D 3D” (whatever that is) virginity to this movie. And I must say.. I don’t regret it. =’ ]  

    First, I’ve got to ask. How the HELL do they do that with those glasses? Anyone who can answer that gets a gold star. I was baffled and actually squealed with excitement. So, please, someone clue me in!  

    Now, on to the movie content.  

    I’ve got to be honest here. I never saw the first and second installments of Resident Evil, but after Apocalypse and Afterlife, you can count on me buying the series. Granted the zombie thing’s been done before, I’m not sure anyone as badass as Milla Jovovich has taken them on.  

    Milla Jovovich Kickin' Ass!


    Now, despite my love for Milla, she’s not very sexy. Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous. She just lacks that captivating swagger. At least in my opinion. Ironically, 97% of her pictures online are provocative. But, I think her real-ness helps make this movie so spectacular. She’s a fantastic actress, and honestly, it’s awesome watching girls kick ass. Girl power!  

    The action, pacing, acting, and plot were all dead on in this film. It left me wondering why Paul W.S. Anderson isn’t as popular as James Cameron, Peter Jackson, or Michael Bay. The man needs some recognition!  

    My only negative comments are about effects. Overall, they were pretty decent. Two instances stand out in my mind, though. A certain backflip done by Ali Larter (who actually did pretty well with the action scenes despite her lack of experience) and Milla’s entrance massacre. Aside from those scenes, the movie was full of twists and edge-of-your-seat moments. I gasped a few times and said, “Whoa!” and “Holy cow!”  

    Great movie. Go see it 3D. 6 stars on a scale of 1 to 5.  

    That wraps up this segment of Movie Reviews.  

    I’ll do this more often. Along with other posts. I’ve been absent for awhile. It’d be nice to change that. Become an actual blogger. Woot. Crap.. That means I should probably get on a schedule. :O


    ~ by Anna K on September 14, 2010.

    6 Responses to “Movie Reviews: Predators, The Wolfman, Resident Evil: Afterlife”

    1. Well of course I’m the first to leave a comment! haha! Love the movie blog. I have about 5000 in my collection so I love to hear about new movies. Wolfman was a letdown. Your humour was great! The brillo pad and wolf/pig comment made me chuckle. I saw the first Resident Evil and was grossed out by the dogs, but the couldn’t wait for the second, and so on..looking forward to this new one. Also looking forward to Predators and Adrien Brody! Thanks for your insight! Nicely done!

    2. Hi Anna,
      Thanks for this, I haven’t seen any of these films yet. I’ve got high hopes for Predators as well as Wolfman. Res Evil though, the third film I was a bit disappointed with so hope this next one will pick it up a bit more.

      All the best and I’ll look forward to reading more.

    3. I just watched it! It was funny! Half man, half bear, half pig…haha! Good blog Anna! Love your humour! It makes me laugh 🙂

    4. wow haha

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