Movie Reviews: Short & Sweet (Or Long & Bitter)


Twilight: Eclipse

As you may have gathered from my previous post, (the funny picture) I recently saw the new installment to the Twilight saga. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not diehard fan, nor am I a spiteful critic. (I am Team Jacob, however. ūüėõ What a hottie.) Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with the film.

It appears as though Kristin Stewart has had acting lessons. Her performance in the first two movies was absolutely abhorrent. This time, though, it improved vastly. I was able to laugh at her jokes, not roll my eyes at how poorly she delivered them.

Taylor Lautner¬†had more screen time. Which is always good. Girls, I like seeing him shirtless just as much as you, but you don’t need to gasp¬†and “woot” every time¬†he’s on-screen.

The cheesy romance made me go “awwwh” despite¬†the fact that it was that sort of romance a 12-year-old girl would write and wouldn’t really happen in reality.

Overall, I was pleased with the movie. I would watch it again, and I would recommend it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I was a faithful viewer of the cartoon series on Nickelodean. (Laugh it up. Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Mine are creative cartoon series. I like Naruto, too!) Anywho, I loved the series.

Didn’t like the movie.

I swear the actors were cast¬†solely¬†for the voice similarity between themselves and the voiceovers of the show. The acting was LESS than mediocre. Poor Jackson Rathbone¬†was drowning in a sea of awful actors. In one scene, he was looking around with a worried expression. I doubt it was because of the fight scene. ūüėČ

The next thing that bugged me were the show’s trademark words. Aang? Avatar? Agni Kai? Sokka? Iroh? They were all pronounced wrong throughout the entire movie. I doubt anyone, including the director, even watched the show. Every time someone said those words, I cringed. Literally.

Moving on.

Character development. From the beginning, we don’t see how close¬†Sokka¬†and Katara¬†are. The relationship between Sokka¬†and Yue is poorly portrayed. We see Sokka¬†cry over her dead body, but why? They didn’t appear close at all. The same goes for Aang, Sokka¬†and Katara. The trio becomes very tight and loyal throughout the series. By the end scene, they seemed like they were still new acquaintances¬†to me. I didn’t connect with a SINGLE character with the exception of Aang when he mourned the loss of his monk family.

Finally, I must complain about the plot execution. They speed through the damn thing. If I didn’t know the story, I would probably have been lost. This movie should have been at least three hours long to cover all the NECESSARY bases. Even IF they cut things. The whole point of the series is to follow Aang’s¬†quest to become the Avatar. Not Zuko. As much as I adored Zuko’s cartoon character, he was not the center point of the plot. The Fire Nation got too much screen time. (But the Blue Spirit should have had more. To increase the mystery.)

I lied, I have more complaints. The dialogue was severely repetitious. People said things that were completely impertinent to the plot. They could have taken out SO much and added way more important things. I should have directed this damn movie. I wanted it done right SO BAD!

The only thing that didn’t disappoint¬†was special effects. The bending (although¬†the actors’ movements were over dramatic) was excellent. With the exception of a few scenes, it looked 100% real.

Overall, I was thoroughly disappointed. I hope they can make the next ones better. Or I may have to write M. Night Shamalamamoron a strongly worded letter.

As far as recommendations go, watch the series. It’s not quite as lame as it may seem. I laugh quite a bit. Once you’ve seen the whole series, then you can watch the movie. But not unless you feel like being disappointed.

The Crazies

Your typical zombie movie?

Yes and no.

There were several distinguishing points among¬†muddle of not-so-original ideas. For example, the plane crash/water contamination was new (at least to me) and enjoyable. However, there have been a few zombie movies where it’s been all the government’s fault. Boo-hoo.

Admittedly, I laughed at some parts that were supposed to be scary. But, I jumped a few times. The action was very frequent and attention drawing.

But it was predictable.

At one point I said, “Hm. We haven’t seen a Crazy in a while.” Then poof! Out popped a Crazy. Either the film was excessively¬†predictable, or I’ve just seen too many movies to be surprised by twists.

I’d recommend this if you don’t have to pay more than a dollar to watch it.


~ by Anna K on July 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Movie Reviews: Short & Sweet (Or Long & Bitter)”

  1. Very inteeresting comments on some movies. I’ve seen both Eclipse and The Crazies, and your reviews were right on the mark. At least you’re putting something on your blog, which is more than I can say for myself haha! ūüôā

  2. Hey Anna,
    Great to see some posts on films, I haven’t seen the Airbender title yet as my loathing of the director pretty much turned me off. I’ll stick with the animated series for now however (which I get asked if I shouldn’t have grown up out of cartoons at my age by my other half.) My answer is hey, it keeps me young after all growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

    Plus I have to be in the know for my nephews right? LOL

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