I have just entered “Bellemorte Bog” into a contest. It’s very short for the particular contest, but I had only six days before the cut off and had nothing longer. I’m going to enter it in one more contest.

I’ve got one more 1,000 word project to do for one contest. I’m also working with my friend Lluvy (← Click) on submitting one of her pieces as well. Perhaps she’ll post it on her blog page soon. She’s a phenomenal writer. Maybe, if we post comments, she’ll get a round to it faster!

I’m also going to enter “Guilt” and two more flash fictions (that have yet to be written) into NANO Fiction.

Finally, I intend to write a Novelette of under 17,000 words for a contest with a deadline of August 31st. I’ve got a lot of writing ahead of me.

And I’ve already been cutting back on my SUMMER SUN TIME! I’ll be going back to school pale as when I came out. Drat!


~ by Anna K on June 28, 2010.

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  1. Hey! You linked me D:

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